Philips Wiz Integration with ST, but now doesn't work

So I had Wiz app connected to Smartthings just fine, and had two lights setup.

I added 3 more lights to the Wiz app today, and Smartthings wouldn’t see them.

I disconnected Wiz from Smartthings, thinking if I reconnected it might see them. No.

Smartthings still said it was connected to Wiz, even though permission was revoked.

I deleted both apps and started my iPhone.

Downloaded both apps again and signed in. Smartthings attempts to go through connect process to Wiz, but after I choose the location and room - and click next. It says successfully connect to Wiz. But Wiz is not connect to Smartthings and none of the light from Wiz are showing up on Smartthings.

I don’t see how 2 weeks ago it was working fine, and now it’s not working at all.

Anybody have any ideas? This is my first post, hopefully I’m giving enough information and posting in correct category.



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I would contact signify/hue/wiz. They own the integration to ST.

Just checking… you went to the three bars in the upper left of the screen, clicked on Settings (the cog) and selected Connected Services and left swiped on the intergration to remove it?


THANK YOU! - jkp - I totally forgot about that area. I’m pretty new to Smartthings. This fixed the problem. I guess I will need to do this if I add more bulbs because it wasn’t populating them automatically.

Appreciate the quick response. I was getting a big frustrated.



Yes, this has been reported with the cloud-to-cloud integrations by others. Hopefully it might get fixed in the future.


Supposedly the device manufacturer can set it to automatically update every 6 hours. Not sure how long you waited though…

I couldn’t add new wiz lights to Smartthings either. Initial set up and linking wiz to Smartthings was easy, so I purchased more bulbs. I couldn’t find a way to get them added though. Did it work after 6 hours?

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