Noob question about Matter devices

So I have some WIZ bulbs connected to ST via WIZ integration, but if I connect all my WIZ bulbs to ST with matter, do I still need to use integration or can I unlink my WIZ integration in that case?

I think I read a post by @Paul_Oliver that he has Wiz Matter bulbs. He may be able to help you with that or maybe @JDRoberts knows.

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Once your connect your Wiz bulbs to SmartThings using Matter you can eliminate the Wiz-ST linked service and if you want you can eliminate the Wiz app.

I kept the Wiz app for the time being in case I have problems. So far the Wiz Matter bulbs have been very reliable.

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OK, thanks for confirming.
I´ve had my WIZ bulbs almost for a year now and they´ve been really reliable indeed even without matter.