Philips LED bulbs won't dim completly

I just installed the two Philipos 60w SlimStyle A19 LED bulbs that are supposedly “dimmable”.

However, they won’t dim all the way. They stay on even-tho the GE switch and the ST app says they’re off.

I love the color of these bulbs, really don’t want to have to get rid of them.

Any suggestions?

Is the GE switch a dimmer switch? If so, you can’t do that :frowning:

It causes all sorts of problems.

I think the Evolve/Linear dimmers work well with LED bulbs, the GE/Jasco not-so-much.

Correct. :smile:


Thanks for you input guys. I actually found out that if I keep one LED, and one incandescence bulb in the fixture, it works great.

i was primarily in love with the “daylight” color of the LED bulbs.

So that should tell you that the GE switch is at fault. GE/Jasco Dimmers I have found are not very good with the LED lighting. SInce Phillips allows you to adjust brightness why not move the Switch to another area of the house and replace it with an Non-Dimming switch. That should solve your problem, It did for me and my friend.