Dumb LED's - What are you buying?

I’m slowly starting to replace all of my CFL’s with LED’s now that the cost is a little more attractive. So far, I’ve replaced 14 of my 68 bulbs that are in my house. Four of those being GE Link bulbs, which are great for table lamps. I bought a small quantity of each type of bulb to experiment and so far I’m happy with what I have installed. For color temp, I prefer 4000k. Perfect color balance, IMO. The GE Links are 2700, which work well in nightstand lamps for a softer light.

Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Standard A19 60W replacement. These are super bright, instant on, and dimmable (work great with the new GE/Jasco dimmer with neutral).

  2. Candelabra base globe style. These are also very bright considering their size. Three of these in a bedroom ceiling fan is plenty of light. I’ll most likely be using these in the remainder of my ceiling fans. These are non-dimmable, but I don’t plan on installing dimmers in the kid’s bedrooms or my office where these lights are installed.

  3. Candelabra base bullet style. Same output as above, but don’t like being able to see the LED through the clear plastic. It’s a little harder on the eyes. Unless you need the traditional shape bulb, I prefer the non-translucent globe style bulb. Also non-dimmable.

  4. Large globe style bulb. These were a bit bigger than I was expecting (didn’t fully read the dims). I planned on using these in another fixture but put in the standard A19s above instead. They are the same length but much bigger around. They are still in the box, but I’ll purchase two more and put them in the dining room light. They do look nice in an exposed fixture, but aren’t as bright as the first bulbs I listed.

I’ll need to start looking into can light replacements soon. I have 6 in my kitchen that I want to swap out.

So, what bulbs are you guys buying and from where? As you can see, I bought everything from Amazon which seemed to have pretty fair pricing, IMO. The quality is great, we’ll see how long they last…

Slightly odd shape, but at $4.52/each in the 15 pack, they’re a bit cheaper than your A19s and as bright/dimmable.

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$4.49, 10W, 600 lumen. Works for me. :smile:


I brought a metric s**t-tonne of these to replace everything I didn’t want to be smart. 2700K 800lumens 8.5W $2.49 each, sadly not officially dimmable:


These are really good and dimmable and available cheaper at local stores…

Why is the ‘frustration-free’ packaging more expensive than the standard packaging?! O.o

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They make it easier for you to open!

And only for a mere 40% extra on the cost!

Yeah, you get what you pay for :slight_smile:

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Oh how you know me already (no need to edit) :smiley:

I’m actually looking for the equivalent but dimmable since I’m about to install new vanity lights in the master bathroom of which there will be eight bulbs. I don’t want to buy 8 Cree/GE ZigBee bulbs… I wanted to do it with one of the GE ZWave dimmer switches.

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My apologies, it was an honest mistake. I thought the post was by my virtual buddy @smart :smile:

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@geko @geko @geko what are we going to do with you! :wink: hey, give us a device handler for aeon smart switch 6… :wink: or may be for a dumb bulb…missed you, buddy for the last few weeks when I was away!

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I got a great deal on bulbs from a subsidized program that Duke Energy offers. Most of the bulbs I have are Phillips but some are Cree. They’re all dimmable and are a variety of flood lights for recessed canister lights as well as candelabra bulbs, and the typical light bulb shaped bulbs. I don’t think I paid more than $3 for any of them. If you’re thinking about installing some dumb LED bulbs, you might check whether your power company offers any at discounted prices.

BTW, it didn’t look like they offered any smart bulbs.

I got a discount on a pack from Costco by referencing my electricity company (xcel).

Has anyone actually found issues dimming non-dimmable LEDs?

Some just can’t handle it at all and will just won’t dim at all and will turn off after the voltage drops too low, others can start flickering (some worse than others) and some will buzz as well.

Yeah, the issue is they don’t dim. :slight_smile:

Hehe…fair enough. Even ones that I’ve purchased that said they weren’t for dimming have worked great anyway, that’s why I’m asking.

As mentioned, some will do better than others, the problem with LEDs is that you normally need to use PWM to ‘dim’ them whereas normal (older) dimmers in the wall just lower the voltage by using a variable resistor, newer ones I believe employ a method similar to PWM but… not.

A perfect 2200k.

I changed all the CFL’s in my house to the flat Philips and they work great. Philips now has the exact same bulb only traditional round so I am changing the bathrooms back to WAF bulbs :wink: