GE Dimmer not turning off

Just hooked up a GE dimmer to 4 LED reset lights, they do not turn 100% off. They stop really low leaving the lights slightly on.

Thats probably because most dimmers don’t work properly with most CFL’s and LEDs.

This is because most dimmers allow a small amount of power through even when at their lowest setting. Because LEDs and CFLs require significantly less power than incandescent bulbs, that little bit of power it allows through is still enough to turn on LEDs and CFLs.

You’re going to want to look for LED bulbs that work with Dimmers to resolve this issue.

Use Linear dimmers.

SmartThings & Lowes are incredibly foolish for hawking the GE dimmers which don’t work with modern lighting.

I wanted to check back in on this topic. I had this same issue with the GE Dimmer when I used 6 LED lights. Granted these lights were not ‘dimmer’ lights, but they would actually dim but only to a certain point and not turn off.

I have the GE Model 45637 dimmer switches from Lowe’s.

Has anyone been able to use the GE Dimmers with LED lights which are fully dimmable and if so what brand?

GE has since come out with a new dimmer switch that works with LED/CFLs, the model number is 12724.

According to the Lowe’s page for the dimmer I have, it should be compatible with LEDs.

See the following page.

Is the information on their page not correct?

It’s technically correct which isn’t always the best kind of correct. You need to have a large enough array of LED lights on the switch for it to work properly. Normally that’s something like 40W-50W worth of bulbs which can be around 4-6 lights (assuming 9W-10W bulbs) on a single switch.