Philips Hue white and color ambiance E14

Hi. I bought the above Philips Hue color bulb on E14. I added it successfully on the Philips Hue app. It works properly, changes color, etc.
But when I try to add it also on SmartThings , the ST do not find it! What the heck?
The bulb is installed in the Hue bridge, the Hue bridge is up and running with the rest of my Philips Hue bulbs into ST, but this new guy is not anywhere in ST and cannot be found & added.

Thank you.

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Have you emailed That’d be a great start as they can look at the logs to try and determine what’s happening.

I don’t have a sample of that device yet but I wouldn’t expect it to not work.

I plug and unplug all and now the bulb is viewd also by the SmartThings. Case solved.