Philips Hue White without Philips bridge again

I saw that this topic was discussed here previously. However, it does not work! I’ve tried every possible suggestion, including unpairing bulbs with remote control, nothing helps. i am not able to connect it to my ST.
Sometimes, i see in logs tries of the bulb to join network (even succeeded), but actually it is not connected.
Tried it with 5 different device types, no luck.
Please, share how you were able to connect Hue White to ST without Philips bridge!
Thank you

I couldn’t find an clear answer like you but I finally figured it out. The bulbs out of the box weren’t showing up when I tried adding them to the SmartThings hub. I had a hue dimmer switch remote ( and held down the on and off buttons at the same time next to the bulb for 10 seconds. The bulb flashed a few times then they showed up on the pairing screen in SmartThings. Once you add them, go into and change the device type to GE Link Bulb. They’ve been working well so far. Hope this helps everyone!

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