Philips Hue lights slow to respond

This is one thing that is still bugging me with ST integration. If I use native Philips routines to respond to motion for a room of lights, they all come on immediately, to be expected. If I use ST to control a room of lights to come on with motion, I can practically track each light coming on individually around the room and it is fairly slow in doing this. I used to think that this was simply cloud integration between products but then Alexa came into my life and when that turns on the same room of lights, instant.

Was excited when the last update provided local processing to overcome some of these issues but then I realised there were a few conditions to this, only using native ST motion sensors, only using the SmartLighting app and no luminance sensor integration. That took away a lot of my conditions and fine tuning, basically CoRE and WebCoRE :frowning:

Is this other peoples experience of ST and Hue integration?

Yes. :disappointed_relieved:

See the following active topic (this is a clickable link)

Right thanks, still the same issue then. I remember that one from a while back and had even raised my own support ticket on the back of it. Was told they were working on a fix for it but that was over a year ago now :frowning:

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