Hue bulbs without Hue Bridge? Won't connect

Newbie here, so keep it simple pls :wink:
I’ve just set up my new ST hub and am trying to add my first hue bulb. I was told the ST hub would do this without needing a Hue hub also. The ST app find a new thing, says it will configure it, then sticks at “please wait”.
Any suggestions?

I’ve not got hue bulbs or a hub but I believe they’re similar to hive bulbs.
You click add thing then it should appear , save it as a thing.
But then you need to go into the IDE and change the device type.
I’m not sure if there’s a custom device handler but you could try the zigbee bulbs and see which one works.

Thanks Steve. Never knew about the IDE page/settings before. Now all working! Thanks for advice.

No probs glad it works.
Now you know about that you’ll be on it all the time lol I’m normally on it changing colours etc :slight_smile: