Philips Hue compatibility

Im looking for a ceiling light
Is the Philips hue 71210/31/PH fully Compatible with smartthing uk

All philips hue lighting is compatible with SmartThings :blush:

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Thanks lights are £500 I wanted to make sure

Ive heard that you can connect all Hue Bulbs directly to the SmartThings Hub, but ive not tried it and personally chose to connect them all to the Hue Hub then connect the Hue Hub to my SmartThings Hub and its worked a charm from day one till now with no glitches i can recall :slight_smile:


Not true. There’s a lag between the time new models are released by Phillips and compatible device types are built for SmartThings. We had several times in the last two years when a new model came out and it was not yet compatible with SmartThings.

Moreover, it’s very important to understand that no Phillips hue bulbs are fully integrated with SmartThings yet, it’s still in “SmartThings lab” status, which means beta.

Never make assumptions beyond what is on the official compatibility list. And always read the little tiny I on the far right. If it says "labs "it’s still in beta.

@Tyler @aaron Are the new Phillips hue ceiling lamps that operate with the bridge working with SmartThings? These are the new models in the “beyond Hue” line. (We should also note that the beyond hue lamps are not working with the echo yet, even though other bridge-controlled Hue devices do.)

I’m linking to the US site because those are likely to be the ones that were tested in the product lab, but you can find the current UK models on the Phillip Hue site.

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