And now my lights no longer work!

As a result of a recent update to SmartThings my Hue lights no longer work and stumbling around in the dark is not funny when I’ve spent so much money on this equipment.
I’ve had to unplug my SmartThings V2 hub, which keeps going offline in an apparent conflict with my Hues.

I’ve contacted support who told me they’re aware of the fault and engineers are looking into it at this moment.

This comes after a nightmare time last week resetting everything twice, and having to contact support numerous times because of officially supported devices refusing to connect, failing or not triggering.

All my equipment is SmartThings supported, everything is Samsung branded apart from my Hues and I’m using only the official SmartThings smartapps.

I’m feeling rather annoyed that these products which are supposed to make life easier are actually causing me so much trouble and wasted time.
Somebody needs to get a grip with this platform and make it work properly!


It may come as a surprise to you (it was for me) that hue is not officially supported in the UK by smartthings.

Hmm, yes I’m surprised.
The hue connect app is made by Smartthings.
Maybe somebody should tell Curry’s who have all the Smartthings products on display along with a philips hue bulb.

Curry’s think that Smartthings works with “hundreds of products” but my Smartthings won’t even work properly with a few Samsung Smartthings sensors.
I’m unhappy!

Hue is officially supported in the UK by SmartThings, provided it is connected through the hue bridge and using the stock Hue connect method. What is not officially supported is the same in the UK and the US, and that is directly connecting a Hue bulb to the SmartThings hub without using the bridge.

Hue is on the official UK compatibility list in the “labs” section at the bottom, which means the integration is still officially in beta and there may be frequent changes to it. But it still officially supported.

UK page on Philips:

UK compatibility list:


I know but the UK list explicitly does not have it as a supported product on the list of UK compatible products. It is conspicuously missing.
Maybe @Aaron can amend the second page to include the hue bridge as a supported device.

It’s not missing, it’s in the Labs section exactly as it is on the US list. Look at the bottom of the page.

I don’t understand. In the labs section it says that it is not supported.

'However, they have not yet been certified by SmartThings and we are unable to provide support for these devices."

Yeah, I hate that part. The US page says the same thing. But they are supported in the sense that support will definitely help you work through a problem if there is one as long as you are using the SmartThings – provided code. So they aren’t “unsupported” in the way that a custom smart app or device type handler is. They are “unsupported” in the sense that SmartThings isn’t promising that everything will work properly. Basically they are official beta releases.

And Hues are listed on the official partners page, so that makes it even more confusing.

Tagging @slagle and @tyler because I agree that the compatibility list wording is confusing. Particularly given that there are official knowledgebase articles for them.

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