Philips Hue bulbs missing from new app

(Richard Gregory) #1

Hi All,

Long time ST user looking to begin my migration to the new app. I have seen a couple of threads in various places about people making the migration with a little tweaking, but I seem to be missing even the most basic devices. Many of my Hue bulbs do not show in the new app, despite showing in the classic app. Anyone else experience this? Has anyone figured out why, or how to fix it?


(jkp) #2

Are hue lights/hue bridge connected through LAN Connect or are you using a custom app such as hue b smart?

(Richard Gregory) #3

Just through the standard Hue Connect.

(jkp) #4

You may want to contact ST support. All my hue lights and bridge are showing/working in the Samsung Connect app.

One thing you may try, open any of the hue lights in the Classic app, click on the cog in the upper right of the screen and click save. Then force close the new app, reopen it and see if that device is showing.

(Richard Gregory) #5

Hurrah! Simply opening its settings in the classic app and clicking save made it automatically appear in the new app.

Great advice, thanks for your help!