Can't connect to philips hue

Hey guys
I have a problem while pairing SmartThings with hue bridge. In my ST app on Galaxy s8 there is no option to connect lights with this app. What is wrong and how can I do it?

I went to: SmartThings - > connect New device - > add device manually and as you can see on the screenshots there is no option for lights (except Daeko)
Location is Poland if it matters.

Install the SmartThings Classic app and see if you can add it :grinning:

I see it listed under Light Bulbs but it may be a region issue for you.

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Hey ok i got classic app but now it is asking me for “welcome Code” and not sure where I can get it. But I’m close enaugh :slight_smile: thanks for your support

2 things to try…
Use New to SmartThings and use your Samsung account to login or check to see if you have more than one Home Location and change to the other one.

Ok it is closer every your answer. Tell me one thing what the hubs are? Are they a physical device or something? What Exaclty I need to make it works? I have Phone, smoe hue lights and philips bridge. I have already installed hue app but i want to controll them by voice.