Philips Hue Bloom and Hub(v1)

Hi Guys,

My Background : I am trying to turn on/off(when there’s motion) multiple philips hue bloom using philips bridge and smart hub v1. So,I need to get the ID of the multiple blooms inside the motion event handler and I need to iterate a map inside map to get the hub ID.

I have the following map (inside map) :
**[**8:*[*id:8, name:Hue bloom 1,hub:c2adc24b-39a1-41b8-9657-31422c7ecb02, type:Color light ] ]

And I need the “hub:c2adc24b-39a1-41b8-9657-31422c7ecb02”.
I tried using the .toProperties() method,however,that method is not supported.
Any suggestion/help is appreciated. Thanks.