Phantom Device Causes Zwave Repair Error (for over 2 years now)

So, ever since I installed my SmartThings hub, probably something like 4 years ago now, I’ve had this phantom Zwave device that always causes a Zwave Repair error. The device ID [13] is probably one of the first Zwave switches that I ever installed. It was a GE/Jasco Zwave Smart Switch that is since long gone due to the flashing blue light of death (pretty common problem among the 1st gen switches I guess, I’ve had 6-7 replaced under warranty over the past couple years, super annoying to have to replace, re-pair, etc, but at least GE/Jasco keeps sending me warranty units). Anyway, that is neither here nor there.

The Zwave device that used to be at address [13] is now gone full phantom. It comes up with the attached error every time I do a Zwave repair. Everything seems to work fine even with the error, but there is weirdness sometimes. I’ve tried assigning a virtual switch to that address and deleting it, pretty much anything I could think of to delete the phantom device at address [13], but it persists.

Now, I’m sure the first suggestion is going to be to factory reset my hub, but I have 83 devices that would need to be re-paired with probably dozens upon dozens of automations, smart apps, custom apps/device handlers, etc. Does anyone have a suggestion to get rid of this phantom device?

I do have a spare v2 hub (like current active one) as I always keeps spares of everything, but is a hub replacement fully autonomous? Does it automatically re-pair and re-configure everything back to the way it was on the original hub (devices, custom apps, device handlers, etc)? Thanks in advance for reading my post and taking the time. Be well.

NO the first suggestion is do a search on ZWave Ghost - there’s instructions on how to delete it… :wink:

And no, hub replacements are basically the farthest thing from autonomous as you could possibly imagine…

Seriously though I had one on my V.2 I had to get deleted by support when all else fails. They said they did - but every once in a while ol number 10 pops back up. I’m on a v.2 as well and looking at what my next hub will be (purely from a long term firmware supportability perspective of my v.2) and if I move at this point it will be to an Aeotec because I’m not going through that pain without at least getting more supportable.

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Everything that @nathancu already said, plus here’s the FAQ on how to add a temporary device with the same ID as the ghost and then get rid of that one to get rid of the error message. :sunglasses:

FAQ: Zwave repair not working (how to fix error messages)

You guys are awesome, thank you!!!

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You guys are absolutely awesome. You have no idea how many times I created a fake device in the SmartThings IDE with the “phantom” device ID of [13]. Easily 10-15 times. However, the step that eluded me, was that I also deleted the device every time in the IDE. The thought never occurred to me to delete it from the actual mobile app instead of the online IDE. I just did exactly that and no more phantom [13] after more than 2 freaking years! Thank you!!