Pet proof motion detection lighting

Idea…well, sort of an idea…maybe more of a question :smile:

So I have a portion of my basement that’s unfinished which contains my cats litter box and food / water and is accessible via cat door.

This is also my laundry room and houses my HVAC and work bench and general things you keep in a unfinished house basement.

This room has an outside door, inside door (both with sensors), and a smart things motion detector. The reason for the motion detector is that I wanted the lights to stay on if I was in the room for anything longer than 5 minutes…if not than the lights turn off. I also wanted to setup some sort of scenario where if the door opened and the motion detector sensed motion than lights on…if only the motion detector sensed motion than do nothing.

I’ve accomplished some of what I want through hello home modes but I think what I really want is an app that would require both a door trigger and motion detection before it would turn on the lights and keep them on for as long as motion is detected.

Is there anything currently out there that fits the bill?

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I have something for a similar scenario I put together a month or so back. It will be a few days but I can post if for you later in the week when I have more time.

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So I’ve been playing with my SmartApp, but Im unable to get to functioning efficiently for your needs (sorry I’m just earning to code this myself). I would suggest looking at SmartRules which should be able to perform most of what you need. The app cannot yet schedule off after x # of minutes, but the dev says it coming soon.

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