Period choices


When we use the period to program a routine, we have 3 choice, time, sunrise and sunset.
It will be nice to have and option where we can use a periode like sunset and time together example
I want the lites open at 5 min after the sunset till 10:00pm ( not 60 min before sunrise), the same fore the time and the sunrise.

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You already can. When you create a Routine and click on Time as the “If” trigger, when you select Sunrise or Sunset directly underneath that you can specify up to 60 minutes Before or After in 1 minute increments.

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Hello Wags1

Maybe my explanation was not clear and i m sorry for that, but like you can see in the picture below, if i choose sunset the other choice is sunrise for this period but in my case i wa t to set as a period from the sunset till 10:00pm not sunrise.

I now i can do 2 routines but it will be nice to have more choices in the period.

Thank you for your help

Yeah, that is a different question. I always use separate routines for on and off as it provides more granular control. But agree, their are instances where I could combine them if additional/more granular off capabilities were added.

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Use the Smart Lighting app.

Routines, Add (+), then the Compass button on top. Select Smart Lighting. It is much more versatile.

Smart lighting is not available in all regions so some users will not have access to it.

The feature you spoke about in Routines is a frequently asked request by many users (sunrise/sunset to set time) You should send a request to ST support. Hopefully if enough users ask for it, ST might make it a priority in adding.


Also a number of people have had issues with the new Smart lighting correctly triggering at sunrise or sunset

The one big reason I won’t use Smart Lighting apps is their is no simple way to enable/disable them like their is with Automatic Routines that have an enable/disable toggle.


I’ve been wanting this feature for years.

OMG seriously, it s a very good option to have in smartthings.

Ive also requested this and ive requested set by date feature.
They asked me to explain why - i said that there can be certain routines you only want to run at certain times of the year - seasonal holidays is an example. Or a reminder in the later months to close doors or windows or for those with greenhouses

They said i wasnt the only request for this feature but that its basically pointless and can be achieved by using temperature and lux routines.
They didnt feel that the flexibility in time and date options would be beneficial to any users.
Basically if they dont like it, tough!

Keep asking. The more the merrier i guess

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i agree with you, this feature is a normal one in any country. i don’t know why they don’t do it.
maybe they don’t know how to do it ;-).
thank you for the update Welshbryn

Sorry guys cant find how to start a new post. Update came in for Tapo I believe today and said something about authorizing Kasa. So now my home cameras and smart home plugs are on other peoples phones as I have a Tapo cameras shared with a few people abroad. I cannot find on tapo how to De-authorize Kasa… Do not want all my Kasa stuff on Tapo… Oops

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