Performance of New ST Motions Sensors

They have told me they are not seeing the issue in their testing. Can’t be right if there are several of us.

Just out of curiosity, what happens if you put each motion sensor in its own separate smart lighting automation? Rather than listing two in the same field of one automation.

My new sensor is in its own automation through the smart lighting app. Works just as slowly.

Here is what support told me:

Seems like they are acknowledging that is it a software issue and a fix is imminent, although sans timeline (wouldn’t expect one from them anyways).

I sent and update email asking to just return them. I don’t want the same version back given that others are having the same issue.


New video, same setup except I put each sensor on it’s own instance of the Smart Lighting app. Added stopwatch also.


A couple items to note…

1 - I haven’t heard back from support since Friday (nothing yesterday) which was a business day.
2 - I am surprised that no one from ST staff has commented on this thread.

There is a weary atmosphere plaguing the community and SmatThings in general. Either is the calm before the storm or is the new norm.

We’re looking at this, but having a hard time reproducing. We are also trying some new ideas for automated rigs to control variables, etc.

@whoismoses someone should be following up on your email (if they have not already) saying something similar to this.

Edit: also the video is super helpful. We really appreciate it!


I hope that @AlmostTan and I just got a bad batch…


Can some staff please update on what is supposed to be the actual performance difference in the two 2015 and 2016 model as such.


Did you get a replacement and did it fix the issue?


I returned all of the new versions. ST has been struggling a bit lately so your issues may not be related to the device itself.

I also test the 2015 vs 2016 versions. I returned all my 2016 versions, they don’t even compare the 2015 version.
Also, I found that if you go to Best Buy - they may still have 2015s laying around, I found one the other day.
The boxes are different on the outside, you will be able to tell the difference.
If you order from Amazon, you will most definitely get 2016 versions.

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I’ve gone to only buying the lowes iris motion sensors.

im glad I found this thread, I was about to buy a new motion sensor for home. think I may check uk stock in my local currys and see if I can get the old version.

at least on the box it is clearly visible which Is which

I found the same. Using ST motion sensor to trigger lights was too delayed. I ended up with hue white bulbs and hue motion sensors through the hue bridge and now they’re instantly turned on. The ST motion sensors have been relegated to SHM

I recently bought 5 new ones from ST and found the same lame performance. I contacted support, who said that “yes, these new sensors are less sensitive. That’s because a moving object has to cross 2 sensor light paths before motion is registered. We did this to decrease the number of false positives. We do not consider this a flaw.” Then he gave me the URL to this discussion thread.

Last night, I bought 5 older sensors on eBay and I will be returning the new ones. They were a little pricey (and there are some vendors out there that are trying to gouge people…), but well worth it since the new sensors suck ass.

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New ones detect motion differently. Support told me that best placement is to have the sensor aimed perpendicular to the area you are monitoring. I have found that’s easier said than done, especially in larger rooms.

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For now I am sticking with the Lowes Iris motion sensors.

Thanks for this info, this explains a lot of my issues. Time to return!