Faster Samsung motion sensor?

Has anyone written a custom device handler to decrease the response (reporting) time of the Samsung motion sensor? I need it to respond faster, and I have a feeling the default minimum reporting time is probably set too high.

If not… would someone like to? :grinning:

Thanks for reminding me that I need to go out and replace the battery in my ST motion sensor.

Okay, now that that is done, why do you think that it will not trigger fast enough ? It’s a matter of milliseconds. Or are you referring to how fast it triggers a second time after already detecting motion ?

No… I can walk almost right up to it (a distance of about 10 feet) before it triggers. If I stand 10 feet away and wiggle, it will trigger… but not until a few seconds have passed.

I think it is an older gen 1; it has a bigger bubble window than the other one I have, which seems to work better.

What is the battery level ? Mine would pick up somebody putting a cup on the table 25’ away. I moved it outside and now it picks up people walking, cars driving down the street 50’ from the house and turns on all the outside lights.

It’s doing the same thing with the other Samsung sensor. Maybe it’s just the nature of these. Seems like a new DTH could improve them.

Battery is 100% on both. They are only a couple of weeks old.

Make sure you are setting it up for success not failure. Like positioning. They do much better when you are crossing their field of view not walking directly at them. So corner mounting usually works about the best. Also your automation logic can have a lot to do with response time. Because the sensor’s are pretty darn fast but the processing then commands can be where you are seeing the lag. Like if you have super complicated piston’s in CoRE vrs a basic motion turn on in say SmartLighting. Also how the bulbs are connected. If through Hue you will automatically see more delay.

So in my office my one bulb that is connected right to the ST hub turns on instantly when i walk by the office, and the 2 connected bulbs take maybe half a second later. Sensor is seeing me walk by, not at it directly, and I am 20-30 feet away. Same for the Kitchen, 30 feet away I cross it and no more than 1 step before lights start coming on.

All my lighting is done in SmartLighting with very basic motion events that check mode and time of day.

So yea they are fast, just make sure you arent making things hard for them lol.

That said, I think the Iris motion sensors act as fast if not faster, and are cheaper… So I quit buying the ST sensors.

I’m controlling Hue lights via CoRE. I can sometimes walk all the way through my kitchen before they turn on. :slight_smile:

I think some of it may be due to heavy wi-fi traffic while streaming Netflix, etc.

Well I know in my kitchen i have 7 hue connected lights. The first one turns on fast…then they ‘popcorn’ in. And by the time they are all in I can be almost across the kitchen. The ST sensor is in the far corner on top of the cabinets in this video. These are controlled via SmartLighting. Simple ‘if motion and mode is home and after sunset’ type of logic. This is probably peak slowness. I dont notice the initial turn on as much as it seems in this video. From when the sensor comes into view to the first light turns on its about 1 second maybe a long 1 second. Or as I say, about 1 step.

I had the smartthings sensor in the wardrobe and the response time wasn’t great. I switched to a Hue motion sensor with Hue bulbs and now it’s pretty much instant. The ST motion sensors have been relegated to SHM sensors

I use my ST sensor with the ST lighting app and its more than instant. it detects my foot as it pokes behind the stairs at ceiling height flawlessly.

Its actually really impressive!

If you create a room or group in the Hue app and have that Group/Room controlled in ST as a single entity, it will react as a whole immediately. I am using a custom smartapp for Hue, as i have more than one bridge, it will also give you the opportunity to add the groups and scenes. Look for Hue and Improved (penner42).


This is 100% the answer, can confirm. I took one bulb out of my lighting group (because I wanted it set to a different brightness) and immediately noticed how it comes on at a different time than the rest.

While that is AN answer, I don’t feel its THE answer. Much like perl or most programing languages, there are a million ways to skin a cat. My issue is that this was working as intended 4 months ago using STOCK ST apps and automation. They boast of this integration and Hue being a huge part of the ecosystem. So while we can work around issues, the issue still remains.

Personally I try to keep my automations as close to the stock experience as possible. Using default apps and configurations. This is my choice. And if this is how it is to work going forward then make a statement. As of right now my response from them was that this is a known issue and is being looked at. Tho that was 4 months ago.

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I modified the custom DTH for the Hue motion sensor that is floating around, and was able to get it to respond a bit faster…although it’s still a bit sluggish since it is going through the ST hub instead of talking to the Hue bridge directly. The default minimum reporting time was set to 30 seconds; changing it to 10 or even 5 made the active > inactive reset much faster, and made my CoRE pistons usable.

I would think that the Samsung sensor would benefit from this as well, since it seems to have the same behavior as the Hue sensor did.

Hello Craig,

Can you share with us the modified DTH you have working with your Samsung motion sensor?
I’m having the same issue as you, and need the motion sensor to be faster reporting new motions after the first one triggered.