Smart Things motion sensor delay with new model?

I used to have an older style ST motion sensor which worked great. It used to detect motion even before I came in the room from the hallway. That sensor went bad and ST shipped me a new one as a replacement.
I placed the new one in the exact same spot as the old one and now have 10 second delay from when motion starts until the light turns on. I tested this around the house and close to the hub and it did not make a large difference.
I went to home dept and purchased another ST motion sensor (new style) and it also performs the same way.
Is there any way to resolve this? Has anyone had the same issues? It makes the sensor completely useless as I now have to turn the light on manually.

It’s been reported in the forums before, but I don’t think there was ever any resolution for it. Different generations of the sensor have had different degrees of responsiveness. One community member even made a video showing the difference:

You may just want to return it and try a different brand. Most people report very quick responsiveness with the Lowe’s Iris brand, for example.