Perform simple “I’m back” without virtual devices?

Hey everyone. In the new app, how is everyone doing “I’m back”?

What I want is Arguably the simplest possible use case. When someone arrives at home and the mode is Away, set the mode to Home.

Since you can’t have mode on both sides, how is this possible? Without a hacky virtual switch.

I can’t believe this was so simple in the old app and not possible in the new app.

The way I have it setup in the screenshot works except if someone is already home it still triggers, which is undesirable.


  1. create a scene with all the actions you want to run EXCEPT the mode change
  2. Create the automation with the presence and mode on the IF side and the scene on the THEN side and save it
  3. edit the scene created in step 1 and add the mode change

Thank you very much Jimmy!! That seems to work (at least in the app) will test it out later today!

Is this the “official” solution or a hack until they fix stuff? Thanks again!


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its the work around until they fix it (hopefully soon).


Got it thank you!

Can not understand why I wouldn’t be allowed to use device/mode in both IF and THEN. Is there a reason or explanation for this? It’s obviously deliberately. Thanks for the work around.

the original intent I believe was to prevent endless loops in automations.