Pentair IntelliConnect

Hi everyone, i am new here so please forgive me if i post my question in the wrong place…
I try to add my pool equipment but find no way of doing it.
I am using the new system from Pentair called IntelliConnect:

I found threads on different Pentair pool atomization controls, but not about mine…
Anyone have any idea how i could achieve it?

Thanks a lot!
Best regards!

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not made any outside integrations available for that model at this time, not even the voice assistants. :cold_sweat:

Does the Pentair Pro IntelliConnect work with my smart home system (Alexa, Google Home, etc)?

Your IntelliConnect is connected to the Pentair Home and Pentair Pro Apps, which are ready to accept additional Pentair Connected devices as they become available. However, at this time, Pentair Home and Pentair Pro are not integrated with a Smart Home Hub, or connected via voice with at home assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

The equipment works with their own apps, and that’s it.

I only found one possible integration via home assistant for the other model they have, the “intellicenter” but even there different people have different success rates with it and it requires considerable technical skill plus additional server devices.

Sorry, that’s all I could find. Hopefully if someone knows of another method, they will post.

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