Pentair Intellitouch + Evolve LFM-20 + Smartthings

Hi Folks - I have been researching integrations for Smartthings & Pentair Intellitouch and realiized they are just relays inside the Intellitouch unit and I can wire an evolve lim-20 in parallel to the internal relays. Any thoughts on this, I have a space lim-20 that I will wire in this weekend. When successful I will provide wiring dials and pictures.

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Someone at Micasaverde did it. I’d love to see it on Smartthings as I just had the Pentair system installed.,30275.0.html

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How did this go? I’m thinking about picking up the I-Link adapter and then trying to piggy back off of some other projects around here that use Rs232 and an Arduino.


Just seeing is anything was done with this? I paired Alexa with Pentair and that works. I wanted to also have that functionality in ST.

Hi. I was working on learning how to get RS 232 commands flowing and used a Lutron RadioRa project that Bruce Ravenel had put together. I was trying to learn to program in SmartThings Groovy using his work.

I would need this to figure out how to send the serial commands to the Intellitouch. I’ve had some things get in the way but with the help of a friend, I’ve been able to get some understanding but there are still many things I’m trying to figure out. I am hoping to revisit this during the winter.

All I really need to do is figure out how to get the ThingShield with an RS-232 shield to send a set of commands. Would be great if there was some overlay serial command code that you could just enter the device type, and then what the various functions would send when pressed.

How did you get Alexa to pair with the Penatair?


It is a skill in Alexa. It works but I would really like to see the state of my pool (lights, high/low, waterfall on etc.) in ST via SmartTiles.

I know it is a different language (lua) but did you see this was added to Vera? Maybe you can reach out to the dev that did that code for some guidance on how he did it?