[DEPRECATED] Pentair Link2O Relay Switch

This integration no longer works. Pentiar decommissioned the Link2O app. The new one has all new api calls and I do not have the time to reverse engineer that one so this integration is dead.

Released 7/28/2019
Updated 7/28/2019

This is my first “from the ground up” device handler. Suggestions and comments are welcome!

This handler exposes the relays that can be controlled via the MyLink2O web site as simple switches in SmartThings.

I created this device handler to allow me more options for controlling relays with our new pool. It is based on the interactions of using the MyLink2O web site. I have the IntelliConnect device which can be controlled via the MyLink2O web site.

Complete instructions can be found in the GitHub wiki below.

Tim, this is pretty cool. Are you still using this integration with your own Pentair Intelliconnect system? This really connects the dots in terms of additional automation I wanted with this product.

Hey @Timeteo! I just installed an IntelliConnect. I’m thinking of hacking up your implementation to provide more features. I noticed in your documentation screenshots that you don’t seem to have a pump, salt chlorine generator or heater connected to your IntelliConnect. Is that right?

@pcjackson06 I am still using it. Mostly just to allow easier access to turning the light on and off. At some point I may do more automation but I will need some other relays to tie into other equipment and I haven’t felt that motivated yet :slight_smile: .

@cjisndenial Hack away! I do have an iChlor hooked up to an Intellichem (that is what I really want to get readings from to monitor without standing in front of it but never figured that out. Debated upping to a EasyTouch w/Screenlogic but haven’t pulled the trigger).

When the equipment was originally hooked up (about a year ago), the iChlor was also hooked into the Intelliconnect. However, the Intelliconnect kept powering off the relay that the Intellichem is hooked up to. I went back and forth with our pool installers and Pentair… funny no none really knows how all this stuff works (or is supposed to). In the end we figured because the iChlor can only run with the pump on, and because my pump (Superflow VS) is not connect to the Intelliconnect, teh Intelliconnect was shutting off all the relays as a “safety mechanism” (kinda referenced on page 4 of Intelliconnect manual). As soon as the iChlor was disconnected from the Intelliconnect, the relay that the Intellichem is wired to started behaving. I miss seeing the the readings (salt, temp) I was getting .
Do you have your pump hooked up to the Intelliconnect?
I have the external control wire for my pump and at the moment I have it wired to aSolarTouch to up the pump speed when the solar heating turns on. I’m not sure how the Superflow would do getting multiple external signals if I also hooked it up to the Intelliconnect RS-485 terminals…
Anyway I am excited to see others looking into automating with the Intelliconnect… it has been a lonely year :slight_smile: Please keep me informed of your progress!

Hey Tim! My setup is simpler than yours. I have a Pentair IntelliFlo VS pump, IntelliChlor SCG, MasterTemp heater, GloBrite lights. Pump and SCG connected to IntelliConnect over RS-485. Heater on the heater connection. Lights on Relay 2.

For your system, I think you would be happiest with a minimum of EasyTouch. Or, if you had an IntelliFlo pump (which has RS-485) instead of SuperFlow, you would probably be set.

RS-485 is a shared bus. So your IntelliCenter and SolarTouch could both communicate with an IntellFlo simultaneously. But with the SuperFlow, using multiple dry contact relays for control, only one device can control the pump and its speeds.

If I had to guess, you were setting the IntelliChem relay on the IntelliCenter as “flow dependent”. Because the IntelliCenter didn’t control the pump, it didn’t know when there was flow. But the IntelliChlor does fire off warnings when there is no flow over RS-485, and that probably sent the IntelliCenter into a “no flow” state, and turned off your relay. But that’s just conjecture on my part. Your install really isn’t “supported” by IntelliConnect because your pump requires SolarTouch control.

If you want to talk about this more PM me.

Hey Tim,

I just had this system installed and am attempting to go through the instructions but the code doesnt seem to exist any more. Can you check and see if there is an issue with the link?

Thanks for your efforts here!

This integration no longer works. Pentiar decommissioned the Link2O app. The new one has all new api calls and I do not have the time to reverse engineer that one so this integration is dead.

Original post updated.

Damn! Was hoping to use voice to control pool etc… Thanks again! And thanks for the prompt reply!