Automated Pool Equipment?

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I am about to embark on having an in-ground pool put in my backyard. I of course want to go all-out on a SmartThings - Pool System Integration. Does anyone have an automated system that is willing to post what they see as it’s value components/interfaces? And value can mean different things to different people. It could be lights, chemicals, pump operations, maintenance info, etc. I’ve had several pools in the past, but all manual. I’d like to hear what people with automated systems have to say.

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I have a Pentair system on my in ground pool which was installed last year. It includes pretty good automation for the pool equipment and their control system comes with up to eight additional relays which can be connected to anything you want. I use these to run a waterfall, patio and gazebo lights around the pool. You can add something call the protocol module which is basically a serial to Ethernet gateway. With that in place you can control the pool and all the extra relays via a desktop app or mobile app with both LAN and Internet access. The only problem is that the API is all binary and so far I have had no luck trying to decode it, so I have no way to integrate this with ST. I am hoping to get Pentair to share some more open API for it so I could work on a few device types for this. Overall it’s a good system. The apps for both platforms leave a lot to be desired in terms of user experience but they work.

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I have a the Jandy Aqualink… It controls everything on my pool. My variable speed pump, Heater, Lights and Saltwater Chlorine Generator. It is actually built by a company called iobridge: . They do have an API set: and Crestron seems to have been successful building integration:

I would love Smartthings integration!

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all you need

any update on aqualink or iaqualink via ST? i’ve upgraded my pool stuff and want to set some automation for it.

I will be watching this thread.

I have the Pentair Screen Logic pool control system, it works well to control the pool features (spa, pool pump/cleaner, sheer waterfals, spa spillover, and bubblers). My sheers have LEDs, my bubblers have LEDs, the pool lights (x3) and spa (x1) are Hayward color logic LEDs, The sheers are 4 wire LEDs with a standalone RGB controller, the bubblers are 2 wire controls, and the Haywards are 2 wire. None of these lights talk the same language which is very annoying. The light feature on the Pentair screen logic controller only works with Pentair lights so all of these 2 wire lights are on standard relays. Toggling through modes and syncing lights is a bit annoying. I would prefer everything talked the same language but I only found one type of LED bubblers and another type of LED sheers. I like having all the lights and I don’t always turn them on but I have them if I want. The Pentair controller controls everything in the pool, I have a 4 buttom remote at the spa, an interior remote in the house, and the app on my phone that I use 95% of the time to control the system.

I suggest you stick with a primary controller like a Pentair, Jandy, or Hayward pool system controller then pair Z-Wave relays in parallel to enable your pool features. My water features have 2 different VFD pumps, I don’t know if I would trust the Z-wave (SmartThings) controller to insure the water is pumping before enabling the heater. The valves are also programmed in the pool controller.

I will probably add a few z-Wave relays for some of the lights, mainly the lights I want to be automated. For example, if I am home I will probably have the pool lights turn on between dusk and midnight. I don’t need them on when I am not home and I don’t want to fuss with changing the time on the dumb pool clock when sunset time changes throughout the year.

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I just want to control my normal old fashioned AC pump and my gas heater with my phone, so I can set the temperature and make sure the pump is pushing water through the heater. My heater has a dial and I will just leave that alone. I just want to be able to turn it on and off.

I don’t have any variable speed pumps or lights etc… When my pump burns out now, I will probably replace it with a variable DC pump to save a few bucks on electricity.

What recommendations do any of you have?

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This should be enough to switch your pump on and off.

Thanks, what should I use for my wireless temperature sensor? Since I use a robotic vacuum, I will just leave my heat cranked on and then I can just monitor the weather and my temperature and toggle the pump/heat on to get the desired temp while I’m at work etc…

Is it possible to upgrade that Intermatic module to accomodate a DC variable pump in the future or will I need a different pice of hardware?

Is the direct link to the post. :smile:

Just about to purchase my pool and IAuaqualink. Looking forward to it. Any tips.

i love my iqaualink. i put all of it in myself to save money but sounds like you’re going a pro route. that thing is very powerful, and can control your outdoor lighting, sprinklers, and all pool equipment. make sure you get Rev T software as thats the latest.

I am looking to do something similar with our spa heater. I would like to control a basic on on off to the heater and less worried about the circulator pump and more about the heater in the winter. Could I just use one of these to interrupt the heater control?

I do have one of these I could put in a box.

Twack, What did you end up going with for your pool controller? I’m thinking of Hayward Omnilogic…

I ended up going with Jandy iAqualink. Been back and forth with their software peeps to get my mitts on thier api. I like the mobile app, just needs ST integration.

Thanks. I’m going with a Hayward Omnilogic. Once I get setup I’ll dig into any API’s, it seems to be an early platform, but the one they will be growing with, so I’m hopeful they will have some API’s or atleast web based calls to bring into ST.


jking3 there is an API available from Hayward for the OmniLogic.

Can you share any information about it? I’d like to try and create a device type in smartthings. I can’t find any documentation on Haywards side regarding the API.



I am loving my Hayward Omnilogic Controller and Colorlogic 4.0 LED lights. But would love to integrate them into my Smartthings environment.

Does anyone have insight to the APIs?

Bump? Any updates on this Hayward API?