Pebble App Needed

I’m not sure how many people here also own a Pebble smart watch, but I wear mine all the time (even at home). The ability to have some basic control over my devices via a Pebble app would be awesome. I’d love to be able to turn on/off lights, execute Hello, Home actions, and possibly some other things I haven’t thought of yet.

I know there was a Pebble app floating around here a while back that was pretty much alpha, but it never worked for me. Anyone, (possibly @Ben) know of a way we could make this happen? I know from experience that coding for Pebble is pretty easy for a watch face, so making an app shouldn’t be that much harder. For me though, it’s above my capabilities.

Me too!!! Pebble app would be great! Then I could do away with 3 other pebble apps that I have to run (Nest, Wemo, Hue)…

I use PebbleTasker to turn on/off some virtual tiles. Then I can setup SmartApps to run when that tile turns on or off.

Pebble is doomed…

I couldn’t disagree with you more.


I’m not sure what your comment has to do with the desire for a SmartThings app, @scottinpollock. Given that I’ve had Pebble for a year and I personally know five people who are beyond satisfied with it, I think your opinion is not shared with many.

Anyhow… some Pebble love by the SmartThings crew would indeed be awesome.

There is a Pebble app available, you just need to enable developer mode and load it manually. Can’t remember exactly where I found it but a search should be easy enough.

I’m still in “wait and see” mode with the Android watches. The hard part is that because I’m waiting, I’m not seeing what they can/can’t do. My early impressions with Android is that it’s an extension of Google Now, which personally isn’t something that I use. But I’m sure if I dug into it more I’d find more useful options.

Right now I’m very happy with my Pebble, thanks in no small part to two great apps: Glance, and PebbleTasker.

Glance gives me the ability to create a custom watch face that gives me TONS of information at a glance. My face right now tells me:

Time (with seconds), # of unread Gmail (home email), # of missed phone calls, # of unread text messages, # of unread Exchange Email (work email). I’ve also got current weather+temp. Current phone battery level and whether I’m connected to my phone or not.

Additionally I have: Current audio state (Normal, Loud, Vibrate, Silent), Date, and Current ST home alarm state (Away, Stay, Disarmed). Finally I have the date and time of my next appt as well as the subject of that appt.

All this without pushing a button.

But if I start pushing buttons then it gets more fun. I can scroll through notifications, I can scroll through a week of weather forecast. I can scroll through my calendar, or I can launch PebbleTasker.

With PebbleTasker I’ve setup a two-deep menu system. When PebbleTasker loads I have three options:


Hitting any of these buttons gives me three new options:

Audio: Normal, Vibrate, Silent
Call: Call Home, Work1, Work2
SmartThings: Open Garage Door, Unlock side door, Turn on laptop plug

This gives me quick access to 9 common functions I do with my phone by only pressing three buttons on my watch.

Didn’t mean to offend anybody. It was simply my vote on what SmartThings should “not” spend their resources on; they have plenty of other, much bigger fish to fry.

And while I am sure my comment will not sit well with Pebble users, I stand by my original assessment. BTW, I bought an Android Wear watch some time ago and returned it after a week (and I am a huge fan of Google Now). It’s simply not “there” yet. But it will be… sooner than later. And when it does demonstrate that a wearable is what people want, the flood gates will be opened by traditional watch designers as well.

I suppose Pebble can survive with an alignment to other, larger players, I am not sure they have the marketing savvy for it though.

[quote=“scottinpollock, post:9, topic:6846”]
Didn’t mean to offend anybody. It was simply my vote on what SmartThings should “not” spend their resources on; they have plenty of other, much bigger fish to fry.[/quote]

As a pebble user, I completely agree. I’d prefer to see time/resources spent in other places.

My guess is that they will fail. I have a bad habit of picking the wrong horse to back. :smile: I was really into the MetaWatch before Pebble and liked 'em a lot but then they sorta went a weird direction with their software end and went from a highly customizable to only moderately customizable setup. Furthermore there was no support for communication BACK to the phone like with Pebble Tasker.

He all - I have access to all my switches and the ability to change modes from an app called st_remote that is available on github - you do have to install the pebble development kit and then compile and install manually - however - from there it is great! I upped my number of “things” from 10 to 50 in the c code and am very happy with it. I am thinking about expanding on the app but haven’t figured out exactly what to add beyond the base features at this point - any ideas?

@cooperglee I had that app but I had to remove it from my Pebble in order to fix an unrelated watch problem. When I reinstalled it, I never got that authentication code and the app hasn’t worked for me since. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work and I think the authentication is a one-shot-deal.

Did you write down your 5 digit auth code? Regardless - here are the two links…***5 DIGIT CODE HERE***&scope=app

EDIT: Looks like I FINALLY got it to work by watching the logs on cloudpebble. I stumbled upon it but I noticed that a 5-character code was shown in the logs when I launched the app on my Pebble. I tossed that into the OAuth site and now it’s working. Go figure!

Through all this, I still stand by my belief that a true ST app would benefit Pebble owners and I don’t think there’s many resources needed to do this, especially since they’re already focusing on wearable control with Samsung’s watch.

This is why I think the smartthings community is one of the best out there. I have been looking for something like this for quite sometime but had been searching in the wrong community… Long story short I got this on my phone in 5 minutes!

PS the comments about “pebble going down” are the typical useless comments not frequently seen around here and something that while it’s an opinion provides no value to the OP and it is not what smartthings is all about… at least in my opinion :smiley:

Thank you agin for the useful links!

Well exactly a year later and for some reason the app has been pulled!! Ughh now what??