Passive Smart Door Locks

Anybody aware of any door locks (deadbolts, specifically) that are passive in nature? Meaning they can only report status of the lock? I’d prefer not to have the ability to electronic lock/unlock the door (if somebody got my phone, hacked the system, etc…). Or…

Does anybody know of a clever way to do this without the use of smart locks? Any help is appreciated!

Yes, you can tweak the devicetype and remove the lock capabilities of a smart lock. This won’t effect the status reporting. Keep in mind though if someone really wants to breaking your home it’s still way easier and faster to pick your lock, break a window, or battering ram down your door than it is to hack past the pin on your phone, finger print on IOS devices or hack smartthings.

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Fair enough. It is true that breaking a window, picking the lock, etc. is an easier way to get in. And even if they hacked the lock, they’d also have to hack my security system which is separate from Smartthings.

Thanks for the response!

Pella has passive lock sensors that are built into some of their higher-end replacement doors. It’s basically just a plunger in the mortice for the deadbolt that gets pushed down when the deadbolt is engaged. I’ve been thinking about hacking an Aeon recessed door sensor to do this, but I haven’t gotten very far.

For me, it’s less about the security concerns, and more about aesthetics. I live in a house built in 1901, and all of our exterior doors have mortice locks.