"Lock Only" Device

Is anyone aware of a device that implements “Lock Only” per the SmartThings documentation (http://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/capabilities-reference.html#lockonly). I’d like to be able to have my ST system lock my front door, say when I leave or go to bed, but I’m concerned about security and would ideally prefer something that was physically incapable of unlocking the door under any circumstances.

If the ThingShield was still available, I’d consider building something that I just mount on the door that uses a servo or something that could push the lock closed, but could only interact with the locking mechanism in that one direction.

I took out the word “Type” from the Topic Title, because that is a synonym for “Device Type Handler”. Removing “unlock” functionality from a DTH is trivial.

As for making a physical smart lock “dumb”… I’ve never heard of such a Thing.

I sincerely think that your lock is much more likely to be picked / bump-keyed / kicked-in than opened by a stray Z-Wave packet or hack - especially if you use a modified DTH.

Ha. Fair point.

I have this implemented by way of CoRE and a Virtual Switch. I created a virtual switch called “Lock All Doors”, I then created a piston that will lock the doors when it sees the virtual switch on. Another piston will set the virtual switch off when any of the doors are unlocked. There is no piston for unlocking anything.

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I don’t think there is any physical device that does lock only currently, however you can implement this fairly easily.

You can create your down custom device handler (very easy, use the sample Z-Wave Lock device handler from the IDE) and change the capability from “Lock” to “Lock Only”. Do note by doing this it now won’t be compatible with most SmartApps and ST apps since they look for capability “Lock” which is different from “Lock Only”

The more compatible way do this would be similar, create a copy of your down Lock device handler as above, then in the function def unlock, just add the line return after it. That’s it, now it won’t remotely unlock your door. Similarly for ZigBee as well.