Simple Lock or catch - where to find basic lock - no keypad etc (newby)

(Roger Shaw) #1

Hi there,

There are many many options for controllable locks but all are really intended for doors with keypad access. In my application, I only want the locking mechanism not the interface. Ideally the trigger for locking or unlocking would be a mobile phone and no part of the lock would be visible on the outside of the door.

The purpose is simply to keep a cupboard door closed so that it blends into the wall (ie: like a hidden door). When triggered, the lock will unlock the door and ideally even push the door ajar. It does not need to be heavy duty, secure or unhackable. (essentially am removing the need for a cupboard handle)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



(Jason) #2

I’ve thought about this every now and then. I also think it would be useful. The problem is how do you get the door open if the battery fails or device quits


Sure, there are lots of people who have done something like this for cupboards. Or secret bookcases!

Or chicken coop doors!

So it’s definitely doable. For these first two, people are using just “actuators” which are like a bolt that closes.

Other people just put a contact sensor on the door so they know if it was opened and they get a notification or siren goes off. I have one of these on the drawer where I keep my prescription meds.

So there are different options depending on what you need.

The following includes most of the hardware you would need, and is triggered with any smart pocket socket. The inventor shows it with a WeMo insight, but it doesn’t have to be a WeMo. So this one will be really easy to integrate with smartthings as long as you have a power source. It’s intended for use with a dog crate, but could certainly be used with a cupboard.

I don’t happen to know anyone who has used this with smartthings, but I do know people who have used it on dog crates and been quite happy with it. You would need to buy a bolt latch, but those are easy to get at any Home Depot or similar store.

(Roger Shaw) #4

In this instance I have other ways but I guess, if it fails, it should auto release.

(Roger Shaw) #5

the EasyOut pet release looks like it might have some potential… thanks very much.


You should be able to find it from one of the third-party sellers on Amazon for around $75. You can build one for less, but obviously it’s more work. :sunglasses: