Particle Photon remote temperature + humidity sensor


(Nic Jansma) #1

Hi everyone,

I’ve built a simple Particle Photon remote temperature, humidity and heat index sensor/logger. Along with it, I’ve created a simple SmartThings device type to show these values in the app:

Check it out!

(Keith Croshaw) #2

Thank you so much! I want to add this to my existing RF Switch transmitter / blind controller project. There’s so many I/O pins and RAM, why waste. Gotta get my $20 worth outta these boards.

(Nic Jansma) #3

Yup! I’ve already integrated it into my Spark Core Water Sensor too!


@nicjansma Great Job!

I have been looking into this and I have a very similar use case as you do for this SmartApp and Sensor.

If you could provide greater detail and pictures of your build, it would be greatly appreciated! I would like to mimic this for monitoring my fermentation cycle in my chest freezer. Thank you!!!

(Nic Jansma) #5

Hi @Lupismaximus! There are more details at:

(Lucky) #6

Just wondering if you cud help
Have used

but getting error
error Not Found @105
Any Suggestions?