Sparkfun Photon Redboard and Thingshield

I just ordered both, and they are coming in this weekend.

If you’re not familiar with the Photon Redboard, Sparkfun took the Photon P0 and put it on an Uno R3 form factor PCB and is supposedly compatible with Arduino shields.

This has a number of possibilities in my mind- primarily as a turn-key solution for bridging the Particle Cloud and Smarthings.

I’ve integrated a couple of Particle Cores and Photons into Smartthings (mainly LED lights), but I have Photons and other network-connected MCU’s that I either had trouble integrating or just haven’t had the time.

For example, I have a couple of NodeMCU (ESP8266) motion and temperature sensors that I haven’t found a good way to integrate. By using the Thingshield/Photon Redboard combo, it can read directly from a published stream from the Particle Cloud and then launch alerts into Smarthings (via virtual devices, etc). The other MCU’s can bridge to the Particle Cloud through some fairly simple code (maybe write a library to abstract it) using TCP or UDP. That seems like an easy solution where I don’t have to deploy my own messaging queue and API.

The only thing I haven’t looked into is porting the Smartthings Arduino library over to Particle. I guess I have a good weekend project. :slight_smile:

I guess I’m just looking for feedback on this idea, recommendations or if anyone wants to look into this as well.

Any feedback?


I for one think this is an awesome idea! Go Go Go and please share.