Particle Photon & Contact Sensor Device

Hello all, this is my first topic in this community.
I am recently working with Particle Photon and SmartThings. I was able to replicate 2 projects that I found online:

Both are working perfectly and I didn’t have any issue to implement them.

Now I am looking to update the contact sensor device in the SmartThings based on Photon status. I just want to send “open” if one of the Photon digital port is 1 and send “closed” if the Photon digital port is 0. The open/closed device templates have only information for zigbee and zwave devices.

I do appreciate your help.

did you ever get this working??

Hi HughB, no I didn’t. I am back trying to get this fixed but still not much support from the community.

I am building a photon based pc controller to turn on and off my pc remotely via smartthings. I have everything working on the photon and the smartthings device but haven’t tested the polling function yet. I am also making a breakout pub for the photon and the relevant connections to easily connect it to the pc power button and extend it. Same for the power led :slight_smile:

Any word back on this? I’m trying to use a Photon to control and monitor my garage doors. I have the pushing of commands from ST to Particle done, and now I’m just trying to figure out how to show the doors open or closed. I used your code as one of many references. Thanks for the help!