[OBSOLETE] More flexible Particle Photon Device Type

I recently completed device integration with a fairly complex Particle Photon program that required I send multiple values simultaneously over to the Photon, and be able to receive multiple values back. For anyone else looking to do something more than just an on/off switch or other basic use case with the Particle Photon, Electron, or other similar device, the work I completed on this may save tons of time.

Anyways, here is the finished product, including Particle code and SmartThings device types: GitHub - Here-Be-Dragons/Pool-Controller: Cloud-based pump speed, solar collector controls, and temperature monitoring for your pool with SmartThings and Alexa integration

Here is the front-end on the two device types:


Hi there. I’ve been trying to integrate particle photon as an IR device to be controlled by smartthings (using the new app, not classic), but no way it was working. Although I was able to control TV’s, Split AC’s from a custom Device Handler using the classic app and it seems that it is no more compatible with the new app.
Any suggestions or help will be appreciated.

I’m going to have to tackle this at some point to move over the stuff I show above, but haven’t touched it yet.