Particle Photon as Switch? (ST Device Handler)

I originally wrote:

So I know this question probably comes up every year around this time, but so far I haven’t found a suitable answer in my search.

I’ve got a Christmas wreath on my front door, with battery powered (2xAA) LED lights. obviously, it’s the outside of a door, so mains power is going to be difficult to manage. I’d love to be able to plug in something that I can control the lights with SmartThings/Alexa.

Any ideas?

I think what I’ve come up with so far is a particle photon (already have) with a LiPo battery pack (already have) and a new Particle Photon Battery Shield, and Project Box (should be with me on Tuesday!)

Now I just need to find a SmartThings Handler to use a Photon as a switch… any ideas?

There are some community members who have worked with spark/photon.

You should be able to find The device type handlers that have already been created by going to the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, then to the device type handler section, and look on the list for miscellaneous devices.

Perhaps you could use a positronic net?

Are you using Ardunio Ide? If so you could look at some esp8266 examples.