Particle Photon to Smartthings Communication using a Device Handler


I am working on making a homemade automated motorized blind. I have built the blind and am waiting on delivery of a Particle Photon. While I expect delivery I have been programming a Smartthings Device Handler and an ino project.

My question is, how do I communicate from the Photon to the Smartthings Device Handler? I need to tell Smartthings that the state has successfully transitioned. I am using Transition States in my tile.

I think I should be using a http request method but I don’t know what the url would be or what my oauth key is. I read up that you can use oauth for a SmartApp. It looks like you can do that with Device Handlers too. What url would I be requesting?


I have the same question. Did you figure this out and if so would you share the solution with me?