Particle Photon "Connected" but not controllable anymore

I have a particle photon that was working for years in ST but suddenly only shows “connected” and not whether the device is on or off and does not allow me to control the device. I suspect it has to do with the recent change to edge drivers. Does anyone have experience with the Photon and does it require a change in drivers to work now? When I checked the driver assigned to it now it is “LAN thing”. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I believe the nature of the beast is such that it required a bespoke DTH to integrate it to SmartThings. The latest phase of the migration of legacy device handlers to current integrations is to move devices still using custom DTHs to the best available Edge driver. In this case there isn’t anything useful for it to move to so they use ‘LAN Thing’ which is pretty much a placeholder for the device. Why isn’t there anything for it to go to? Well I’m afraid that would have been down to you to have arranged over the last two years, even if you didn’t know it was.

Edge drivers can’t make http requests to the cloud so ideally the replacement would have been a cloud based integration rather than an Edge driver, though if you have suitable additional hardware there is a community solution for relaying the requests. In the latter case it may even be possible to build a solution by exploiting Todd’s Web Requestor. It rather depends on the detail of what your device does and the http requests it requires.

There seem to have been a few mentions of the Photon over the years, so perhaps others have already addressed the problem.

Thank you for the response. It is much appreciated as I am relatively limited on my knowledge of the process for managing the communication between the software and devices. I managed to get the Photon working with the handler following someone else’s instruction years ago. I did several searches for the Photon issue and came up empty handed. I’ll check out your suggestions. Thanks again.