Paring a ring floodlight camera

So my replacement ring floodlight camera came in today and I was able to install it and configure it no problem in the ring app in Alexa and in the new smart things app but in order to get it to work with ADT tools to I need it in the classic app. Does anybody know how to pair this with the classic app?

Same steps for the camera as for the doorbell:

Adding it in the new app should have also added it to Classic

Sorry folks, I didn’t update this. I figured it out last night. Add it to Smartthings using Ring Connect Smartapp and it shows up under both Classic and new Smartthings apps…

so…you need the ring app in your phone / ipad in order to get the Classic app to see it an configure it etc?

Can you toss the ring app after its paired with the ST hub and classic app?

I like the look of these cam lights but not really big on the idea of needing 2 apps to keep it up n running.

Do these cams have any kind of SD card storage for footage like my cheap $30 lightbulb cams from china. All out of reach cams should have that feature to capture motion or record on demand.

Thanks in advance for any additional info.

Smartthings support for Ring, or to my knowledge any camera really, is sub par at best. If you want full, or at the very least reliable function of the camera you are going to need a second app…