Panasonic PTZ IP Camera

Hi all,

I have taken a few related local IP camera projects and heavily modified them to give me the ability to use my older Panasonic PTZ IP Camera. The biggest difference of what this Device Handler offers is the PTZ feature and a few presets that can be defined on the camera which the Device Handler can activate.

The project was tested with the following Panasonic models:

  • BL-C30A
  • BB-HCM511A
  • BB-HCM531A

Thanks to: @pstuart & @blebson



Thanks JZ, also works with models BB-HCM511A and BB-HCM531A. This was the last piece for me to replace a Control4 system, very cool!

Adding those two models to the list.

FYI, I did test out the new live-video ability from @pstuart. Sadly it never worked in ST for my Panasonic cam (even though browsers easily saw video just ST could not) and the reason why I never posted that source code. If you’d want me to share that, I can certainly do that.

Video is not a requirement for me, a still shot is all I need 95% of the time. To be honest, the video rarely worked in Control4, so this is an upgrade :smirk:. Thanks for working out the details, saved me a bunch of time.

Hey JZ -

Looks like the ST team had to change the way S3 objects are stored from device handlers. It is discussed in this thread:

I sent a pull request to your repository with the update I made to your device handler. Seems to be working for me.

Yep saw that sad thread :slight_smile: looks like they’re finally providing an alternative. I’ll commit your changes… you added your Windows thumbnail thumbs.db file to the request so I’ll see how to commit your changes but remove that file. I’m kinda a novice at GitHub. Thanks for knocking this out as I am a user of my own code and was missing this for a couple of weeks.

@Michael_Shutt I also updated the resolution to be 640x480 as the new functionality seems not to trip out with images around 30KB like the older method call.

Great, thanks

Pfft. ST changed the implementation again. Easy tweak, I have created another PR.

Sorry for the late response but this got implemented after you submitted the changes. Thanks again for making this easy on me :slight_smile: as I use this function in a few places and it was nice to finally copy/paste your updated logic.