Smart things approved camera d link DCS 5222l

(Garry Jones) #1

Hi all
I have got this camera as recommend by ST
Got it to connect but there is no way to control it. Ie no PTZ buttons
Any ideas?


(Benji) #2

The video functionality of ST is still very much in the early stages/beta, as far as I am aware there is no PTZ functionality right now.

(Garry Jones) #3

Thanks Benji
Not good they should tell you this that’s it’s not completely compatible.

(Joel W) #4

On the products list it clearly says in the little quote blurb does not support Pan, tilt and needs V2 hyb.

(Garry Jones) #5

Thanks Joel
Didn’t see that little i box to the right
Well spotted Sir.

This is a classic mistake shows that the community forum works.

(Joel W) #6

No problem, I have had hard times finding info myself.