Pairing/Connecting a GE-14292 SMART Switch - Made Easy


Tried to pair a new GE-14292 Smart Switch and was having trouble adding via Add a New Thing…After fighting with the software and following numerous community suggestions of turning the switch toggle in the on then off position multiple times, I read the switch instructions.

IF YOU ARE HAVING ISSUES WITH YOUR HUB FINDING THE GE-14292 SMART SWITCH, follow GE’s manual instructions and perform a factory reset of the SmartSwitch, after performing a Z-Wave Device Exclusion (discussed elsewhere throughout the community).

To make it easy to understand see the following process.

General Pairing/Connecting Instructions:

  1. Wire switch in accordance with Manufacturer’s recommendations
  2. Enter Add a Thing
  3. Press SmartSwitch toggle to on and release

If connection is unsuccessful try the following:

  1. Perform a Z-Wave Device Exclusion (discussed elsewhere throughout the community)
  2. Perform a factory reset of the GE SmartSwitch (see below)
  3. Open Add a Thing
  4. Press and release the toggle in the on position
  5. Your hub should then find the SmartSwitch

To perform a factory reset on your GE-14292, simply press the toggle to the on (UP) position three (3) times in succession, followed immediately by pressing the toggle to the off (DOWN) position three (3) times in succession.

Hope this saves you some time. Best to all.

I currently use an Alcatel Idol 4S (Windows Phone) and the Marketplace Thing - Switch options for GE switches, in particular the SmartSwitch options all present “an unexpected error occurred.” This error makes the connection via MarketPlace Things impossible.

Innovelli Smart Switch vs GE Z-Wave 14292
(Derek Tracy) #2

I bought the same switch and I am having a heck of a time getting it to actually work!

If I do a factory reset then add the device it pairs. But when I actually try to toggle the switch using the Smartthings App nothing happens. Only once out of 4 pairs actually update the switches status when I manually toggle it.

I don’t think it is a range issue as I have a Samsung Motion Detector (using Zigbee) that works perfectly fine in the same room.

Any advice or troubleshooting help would be appreciated, or even a solid recommendation of a switch to replace it with would be great.

Ok, so now it is working. Turns out Z-Wave Plus range is not near as good as Zigbee. Moved my Smartthings Hub 3 feet off of the ground and the switch started working right away. I think I may invest some time into getting a Z-Wave and Zigbee radio for a raspberry pi and test signal range around the house.


Hi Derek:

Try rebooting your phone…when I performed the reset I went all the way and also performed a phone reboot to eliminate any possibility of APP conflicts before starting the pairing process. If the APP “sees” the device it should, by logic", be under APP control.

It’s odd that only one of your 4 devices function. Silly question: Do you have metal switch plates on any of the devices that don’t work. Am thinking that you paired without plates on. Anyway, are all the switches in the same gang box or are they in different parts of your “room”?

I did read somewhere that pairing within ~25 feet of your hub is preferred with SmartThings Hub v2.0. I know, seems ridiculous, but if you can easily relocate and pair, that may be worth a try. It does sound like a range OR an APP conflict issue though. Seems like something is interfering with the update and signal to and from your switches to the hub. I would have to research the hub range, but, there are so many variables to consider like interior walls, framing, electrical, wall coverings, etc., the specified range will likely reference ideal conditions anyway. The good news is you have a ZigBee device that is working.

If your switch plate is metal, try controlling with the plate removed…of course use common sense with live electricity. If you gain control, replace with a plastic switch plate cover and you are done.

Try this and let me know. Happy to try to help.

  1.   Verify that your phone is current on operating system updates
  2.   Verify, and update, as required, the SmartThings App (Apple, Google and Windows Store)
  3.   Manually reboot your phone (shut it down, remove the battery if you have one) and start from a "dead" phone.
  4.   Manually reboot your hub.  (Disconnect from internet and power, remove batteries for minimum of 20 seconds) - verify your hub back-up batteries are fresh.
  5.   Attempt to use the switch manually and through the app.  If it is controlled and updates on manual cycle, congratulations you have succeeded and are done with troubleshooting.
  6.   If still having issues remove the switch from the SmartThings APP and perform my "Easy" process after removing the switches from the SmartThings App.  Basically, you will start over.

FYI, the Samsung Hub updates automatically, so no need to verify the software version. Rebooting will reset any abnormalities.

You and I (and likely many others) are feeling the pain of lack of standardization across the industry and we are suffering the result of a large company (Samsung) buying a well performing small company and gutting the things that made them high value. Namely the development teams that would release packages for “Things” that actually worked are gone. Since the Samsung purchase, they do not seem to have the same dedication to making things work seamlessly without a deep understanding of technology. The SmartThings (compatible) devices, unless they have a SmartThings logo are far from Plug-N-Play. Sad, but, I will not digress.

Let me know.



Hours later I find this thread. My 14292 won’t connect to SmartThings WiFi hub.

The exclusion process also fails.

Maybe I’m being impatient or something. I start the exclusion process in the app and press up on the switch. Nothing. Then down and up on the switch. Tried factory reset during exclusion process. I’ve tried 10-15 times to get exclusion to work.

Any tips?