Pairing a custom Zigbee HA device to the Hub

I’m trying to pair a custom Zigbee Home Automation profile device using the Atmel BitCloud stack with the ST Hub. For the time being, the device presents itself as an Occupancy Sensor exporting the standard Occupancy Sensing server cluster and the Identity server+client clusters. I can see that on the client side the custom device is reporting as having joined a PAN successfully. However, I have the following questions:

  1. Will the client device be shown automatically in the Web UI either on the My Hubs page ({guid}) under a respective hub, or the My Devices page ( )? Or, do I need to manually register it?
  2. For the simple case of the Occupancy Sensing server cluster, am I correct in assuming that I don’t have to develop / deploy a custom Device Type and one of the built in device types should be sufficient?

Apologies for asking a likely RTFM question. I did have to do a lot of hacking to get to the point where the device would pair successfully and could use some community help for the ST-specific last mile!


The device should show up in your Developer Tools under the My Devices section. My guess is it is going to show up as an Unknown device. Even though your device is using a public cluster that doesn’t mean SmartThings has an already made device type for it. Keep in mind ZigBee devices also have a profile ID and end nodes that can be unique for each device. SmartThings has a “foot printing” process that is used to match device types to ZigBee devices. The foot printing will try to match to your devices profile ID, End Node, In clusters, and out clusters

Its not a big deal to create a custom device type for your Atmel stack their are several example profiles for ZigBee devices you may be able to modify.

Hi Val,
I just posted something similar I think. I’m trying to do a custom HA device based on an NXP module. Did you ever get your issues worked out to get the right device type etc? If so can you share your device type code?