Can ST hub and app manage non-ST zigbee custom device?

(Karl Miller) #1

I have previously built a zigbee-based device (XBee 2mW Series 2-Wire Antenna with a RPi) and would like to pair it to the SmartThings hub but don’t know where to start. My questions are:

  1. is it possible to write a SmartThings app to manage it? (i.e. send it commands and get responses)
  2. what type of setup parameters (i.e. radio configuration settings) are required to do it?
  3. how do I do this with the IDE?

Also, can I manage a WiFly device on the SmartThings hub?

Karl Miller

(Dan Lieberman) #2

@karlmiller - The SmartThings Hub speaks the Zigbee Pro Home Automation Profile, so if the XBee device you’re using has the appropriate software stack to speak Zigbee HA it should be able to pair to the hub. Once paired, you would have to write a Device Type Handler ( to communicate between the SmartThings Cloud and your device. You can see example Device Type Handlers in the IDE by creating a new Device Type Handler under My Device Types in the IDE. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have any WiFly support.

(Karl Miller) #3

Thank you for the great reply @danlieberman, I appreciate the thoughtfulness. I am wondering about the WiFly support because I thought it just to be a WiFi client (or an access point). So is the support required an issue for the SDK? I’m not sure where my disconnect is.
i.e. if I have an IP device on the wireless network, isn’t there a way to have the device be a “SmartThings” network device? …and as such, expose device properties and methods to a cloud based app?

My knowledge of the platform is admittedly naive yet, so please bear with my learning curve.

(Shreddin Pb) #4

Sorry to revive an old thread, but how do you pair a zigbee dongle to the ST hub? I have one of these

it says:

The dongle also provides fully compliant wireless ZigBee™ connectivity (home controls stack profile) for routers, coordinators, and end devices by means of the supplied ZigBeeTM compliant platform drivers.

So do I have to run specific software on the computer to tell the dongle to go into pair mode then press the button on the ST hub?

(Shreddin Pb) #5

Weird, the link didnt post in the last message… here it is