Connecting Atmel's BitCloud Stack with the SmartThings Hub

I have been trying to get Atmel’s BitCloud ZigBee stack to connect with SmartThings. The ATmega256RFR2 chip that I am using seems to be able to find the SmartThings Hub on channel 14 as I am able to get the PAN ID, node ID, and Zigbee ID of the hub. After that, the device enters ezMode’s identify stage, but it never receives the identify request from the SmartThings hub, so the identify response never occurs. The device can never get past this stage and it just waits for the entire 180 seconds.

Does anyone know what is required for the SmartThings Hub to send the identify request to my Zigbee device? I am using the Home Automation profile.

Your device needs to do a ZDO device announce to all mains powered nodes. That will trigger the hub to query it for its end nodes and supported clusters.

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Did JohnR’s suggestion work? Were you able to get connected and do you have any other suggestions? I’m about to do the same thing. Thanks!