Pair ing Xiaomi temp sensor

Hello, my first post…
I just received 2 Xiaomi temp sensor. I followed community instruction to instal and publish DH.
It seems to find them as “Thing” and shows connected in my SmartThings app.
Do not know what I am doing wrong… here is some info…

When you are on as above, and navigate to ‘My Device Handlers’, are they actually there? Or are they perhaps installed on I ask because sometimes older instructions talk about installing device handlers using when they should be telling you to login to and see where you get redirected to. That might not be your issue, but it is worth checking.

Select the device from your list, scroll down to the bottom, hit edit. Change the device type to the Xiaomi one, at the bottom of the list. (Of course I guess you have published it and it is going to be in the list.)

It is not part of the list…

Yes… found it… thx

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It is sorted as the “official” ones and at the end, the ones published by you.