Can’t see my device handlers?

Hi all,

Sorry, I think I have done a boo boo somewhere

So I have one Samsung account which I use for SmartThings.

However, I think I have created the device handlers under one URL, ( )
… under which I cannot see my Hub and devices.

And on the URL (
…where I can see my hub and devices I can’t see my Device handlers.?

First - the base issue…

Rule 1 - Always login to to get to the IDE. It will redirect you to the correct shard.
Rule 2 - Please refer to Rule 1.

And basically you’re right - the device handlers need to be in the correct location to be accessed by your devices. Login to as noted above, then go to location, pick the right one, THEN start importing device handler and smartapp code.

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Thank you!

I can’t see how to do the github integration?

I am trying to add Xiaomi Aqara sensors.


old instructions are here:¶%20%201%20Step%201%20-,to%20fork%20the%20SmartThingsCommunity%2FSmartThingsPublic%20repository%2C%20and...%20More%20

See item 1: 1. GitHub IDE integration is not supported outside the US.

your location is on an EU shard, so you’ll have to use the manual method. Copy/Paste