Pair Ikea Fyrtur Remote with Fyrtur Blinds?

Yes I did, that did reset when I paired it to ST
I did set the preset position in the app settings, and when using the app to operate it does stop as set.
When using the button it doesn’t no matter what I do.

did you set the max length with buttons ?

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Uh, no, I thought it follows the settings in the app.
Will try that.
That did it!
Thanks again

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I managed to get the blinds working again with the 1.1 driver, and I managed to pair the remote control with ST using your driver, but like others in this thread, I still can’t get the remote control to raise or lower the blinds. All it does is update the battery Percentage and the history only shows one line after pairing. I’ve tried everything suggested including removing and replacing the battery and pairing again. I’m giving up for tonight, but I’d love to know if anybody else figured this out yet.

@lifeisfun can you help here ?


Looks like you have the same problem I had. Strangely enough after I managed to pair the first blind/button others paired fine even tho before they had the same problem.
Thanks to Andrew I did not give up, here is what I did.

Delete the all Ikea buttons and blinds from ST ( verify in the ST IDE that it’s clean)
Reset the blinds holding the two buttons on it till it starts blinking then open the battery compartment.
Reset buttons by pressing the pairing switch in the battery compartment 4 times and when it starts blinking pull the battery.
Unplug all IKEA Zigbee extenders.
Reboot the hub and give it good 10 min or so to get back on line.

Make sure you have the Veonua edge drivers installed (Ikea Window 1.1)

Start with the blind.
Close the battery compartment.
In the ST app go to devices and start the pairing using Scan for nearby devices
Hold both buttons on the blind till it starts blinking.
When found, rename it to your liking and if you planning to pair more then 1 blind set the Group under settings to something else then 0.

Now pair the button
I did this without using the Ikea extender
In the ST app go to devices and start the pairing using Scan for nearby devices
Press the pairing button on the remote 4 times.
When found rename to your liking and then change the Group to the same number you set on the blind you just paired.
Even without setting the automated actions in the ST app under the button device you should now see that it works. It will change to color when pressed. and the indicator beside Stand by will change to amber.
Now set automated actions for both buttons to operate your blind.

This is what I did and it is working now
Paired other blinds since then without any problems.


i think you are missing this part

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Not sure about that, since I had this set correctly and it did not work for me until I reset everything.
Let’s hope that’s it! :slight_smile:

Only have one blind and its original remote but never set them up with the Trådfri hub so they unpaired when I originally got the blind working with ST last year. Thanks again for your help! Just settling down to apply @lifeisfun ’s workflow to try to get this working, then I can move on to getting the Trådfri LED driver (the cabinet lights adjacent to the blind, also offline, and whose remote went offline maybe six months ago!).

Just getting set to do it with this method, thank you for taking the time to lay it all out very clearly. I’ll let you know how it goes.:crossed_fingers:t3:

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Aaargh square one. Paired the blind with the 1.1 driver just fine (again). But the Remote didn’t pick up an Edge driver and locked onto the stock Groovy DH.

Edit: Nope, still no luck. Started from scratch again. After deleting all “competing” Edge driver packages, the remote found the Veon 1.1, but it doesn’t do anything. The battery status updates, but the standby indicator never changes and the history still only shows the one line from when it paired. Both devices were in Group 0 with no other devices. I tried a different group and it makes no difference.


Well, my “parade” didn’t last long, all blinds still working but all buttons are dead now.
They show as connected but will not once again respond, only battery status gets updated.
It was all working yesterday afternoon.

I had exactly the same result in the history log like you before it paired and started working.
That 12:57PM/Button Held is the time of pairing the button.
Now after it was working fine it’s dead again, didn’t do any changes at all.

try to remove it from group (put it to group 0) , apply and then put it back to the group.
Also Zigbee repeaters can help

Will try that.
There is Samsung zigbee outlet in the same room that works as zigbee repeater.

Changing the group did not do it.
So I without deleting paired the buttons again and they all work again now.

Question, if I use the Ikea extenders that were included with those blinds, can you pair more then one button the the extender or do I have to use 1 button with 1 extender


Looks like all remotes drained new batteries to 10% over the 48 hours.
Will have to try with those extenders.

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My Ikea blinds mystery is getting wilder!
I just noticed that those 2 Ikea extenders I used did label themselves as thermostats :rofl:
They also don’t use the edge driver.

Question, if I use the Ikea extenders that were included with those blinds, can you pair more then one button the the extender or do I have to use 1 button with 1 extender

extenders are not paired to anything , they just repeat all the signals in the network.
You don’t even need a driver for them to work , I am using generic Zigbee device driver from Mariano as it shows the extended info about the device and network quality.

Well, don’t know what to say but you can see for yourself from the screenshot what ST did finding them.
When I deleted the “thermostat” device the blind button stopped working.

Thanks for that link, will check it out.

no you don’t suppose to remove them, my point is that it doesn’t matter what kind of driver

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Oh, OK, got it :+1: