How to pair Ikea Fyrtur blinds?

I installed the custom device handler from here: [RELEASE] IKEA FYRTUR Window blinds

It shows up in “My Device Handlers.”

In the classic app, when I hit “+”, do I let it auto discover, or manually add?

When I try to manually Add a Thing, and I choose “Shades and Blinds,” I see Lutron and Springs Window Fashions, but not Ikea or my custom DH. Should I choose one of those? If so, which one?

On the blinds, do I press both buttons for a short time, so the white is solid white? Or for 5+ seconds, to factory reset, so they pulsate?

Fyrtur comes with a repeater; should that be plugged in, or will that just confuse everything?

Feelin Fyrtur Is Fyxxur

It’s working! I:

  • Did the “factory reset,” (push both buttons for 5+ seconds) where the light flashes and the blind opens all the way. Just the pairing (push both buttons for < 5 seconds) didn’t work.
  • Auto added it as a generic “Thing.” For some reason, the auto-detected type was a 2015 Samsung Smart TV. Maybe that’s a default??
  • Then, in the IDE, chose “My Devices,” the device, “Edit”, then changed type to “IKEA Smart Blinds,” which was near the bottom, not in the “I” section.

Now to see if I can get the remote working again…

Did you get it to work?

Do you have a step by step guide how and in which order to install the blinds and remotes (best case without the IKEA repeaters) properly?

Just saw this. Here’s what I did.

First, I made sure the blinds were paired with the repeater. Not sure I needed to do that; once they’re paired with SmartThings, I could unplug the repeater and they’d still work. To pair with the repeater, just make sure the Ikea remote works with the blinds. If not, take the back off the Ikea remote, hold it within 5 cm of the repeater, hold down the pairing button on the back of the remote for 10+ seconds until the remote glows red. Now the remote is paired with the repeater. Now pair the remote with the blinds: hold down the two buttons on the blinds, near the battery pack, for < 5 sec. Then hold the remote within 5 cm of the buttons on the blinds and hold the pair button on the remote for 10+ seconds until the light in the remote glows red.

So now you can control the blinds with the remote. Yay!

Now, install the device handler. Sorry, I don’t remember the details of that, but there are many descriptions on these forums of how to do that.

With the device handler installed, I put the SmartThings hub in the same room as the blinds, ~ 23 feet away. Probably didn’t need to do that either, as long as it was in Zigbee range of the blinds.

Then, I pushed both buttons on the blinds for 5+ seconds, until the white light on the blinds started to pulse. Then I opened the classic app and hit “+” to add a device, and waited for it to auto-add. I didn’t do the manual add. Nothing showed up, so I had to re-do it a couple times. I also took the battery out, tried charging it but it was already full, and put it back in. Eventually, the blind showed up in the SmartThings app as a generic “Thing.” I edited the name, in my case to “Basement Back Blind” and hit save.

Ok, so now I have it in the Thing list in SmartThings, but it doesn’t know it’s an Ikea blind and can’t do anything with it.

So, I went to the IDE (, chose “My Devices,” (, the device (“Basement Back Blind” for me), “Edit”, then changed type to “IKEA Smart Blinds,” which was near the bottom of the list of types, not in the “I” section.

Then I hit save and I was good to go!

I haven’t tried pairing the remote with SmartThings yet. is the better link to use. If they use the one you posted, they may not find their devices because they may be on a different SHARD :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your reply and effort!

You might want to look at the new SmartThings app. Those blinds are available with some new stock DH.

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How can I check which device handler is being used? (installed “a4refillpad : IKEA Window Blinds” before adding the blinds to smartthings via classic app, after having resetted them)

How can I use the standard device handler from the new app instead?

What are the advantages?

Screenshot_2020-05-04 Device Liste(2)

Delete those DHs, or edit them at the part where the zigbee fingerprint is written. Comment it out with a // at the beginning of the line.

All those devices are using custom code on your picture.

Okay, understood. Thanks!
I guess, I then have to repair the blinds by resetting them (press both buttons on the blinds >5s) to get them to work with the stock IKEA DH?

But what are the advantages of the stock device handlers?
(Battery status, opened/closed percentage, directions and assignment of buttons working correctly?)

Which (stock) type regarding the name for the open/close remote should I use? (critical points seem to be the battery status, directions meaning close/open and assigned buttons working correctly?)

The advantages of the stock handlers, they are working with the new app.

Otherwise try it.

Hm, so far I had no problem using the blinds in the new app. Only battery status of the blinds is not shown there, but in the classic app it is.


New to SmartThings and home automation. Just sharing my experience with Ikea Fyrtur if this can help others.

While waiting to receive my SmartThings hub V3, I followed the instructions given by Ikea to have the 2 blinds working and paired with the Ikea small remotes but did not connect them to a Tradfri hub as I knew I wanted to connected them to the SmartThings hub instead.

Once I got the SmartThings hub V3 set up, I just follow the instructions to add the Ikea blinds as new device since since it is now stock in the new SmartThings app (not sure about the classic app which I don’t use at this time). Everything went smoothly.

Some observations:
-I had to reset the upper and lower limit of the blinds which I believe is because the SmartThings instructions made me reset the Ikea blinds in order to pair them with the SmartThings hub so that information was lost.
-Both small Ikea remotes do not work anymore. I think this is normal. This is fine as I use the SmartThings button to operate the blinds (1 click= open all blinds / double click= close all blinds / long press= open 1 blind and close the other), It may be possible to pair them again? Not sure.
-I no longer needed the Ikea wireless signal repeater
-My SmartThings hub V3 is in the basement and I have no problem connecting to the Ikea blinds which are on the 2nd floor.
-Automation is possible inside the new Smarthings app (i.e. close both blinds at 9:00pm)
-Using the buttons on the Ikea blinds themselves to move up or the down the blinds report accordingly in the app.
-There seem to be an error in the smart things app as the blinds show 100% shade when open and 0% shade when close unless it is just a bug on my side only or with the my blinds only.
-Somes were mentionning battery status was missing, I guess it has been added as I can see it.

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You may need the signal repeater - pair it with ST and it should be used by the Mesh and improve the signal strength for all your Zigbee devices.

You can pair the Ikea remotes with ST, and use them to control the blinds - there’s a community ST app for the Ikea remotes - search this forum - and Smartthings also support it now officially as well (open/close remote)

Think of it like a valve for light - 100% means all the light is coming through and blinds are up, 0% means no light and blinds are all the way down. This is common practise amongst all suppliers of this type of device.


Since I added the blind to SmartThings, they are unavailable from Apple HomeKit and the IKEA remote is not working

From what I understand this is normal as it’s disconnect the blind from IKEA hub and connect it straight with SmartThings (I just unplugged the IKEA hub and it’s still work)

I added the remote to SmartThings too but it’s only offer two button on the app, how can I setup to roll down and up (and not close and open ?)

You can get the buttons to work…

Step one… pair the blinds with the new smartthings app… Add new device… select IKEA and follow the instructions for blinds… once that is done… Set the bottom limit for the blinds… there is no way to set an upper limit…

Step two… pair the button with the new smartthings app… Add new device… select IKEA and follow the instructions for button… you need to be close to the USB repeater thing and you press the pairing button on the inside of the remote quickly 4 times. It will flash red and Smartthings will see it… Then you program the button to control the blinds…

Took me about 45 minutes of trial and error to get it work…

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These look great but it’s unfortunate that they don’t come in wider sizes

I am using [RELEASE] IKEA FYRTUR Window blinds as a custom datahandler on my 2 Fyrtur’s I just got. When I paired, it automatically selected that DH (at the bottom of the dropdown list, below the Z’s, since it’s custom). On the new smart things app though, it seems not everything is working (only a command section and a % section to command in that way).

I also can’t figure out how to set the minimum % (since the blinds are longer than my windows). Right now when I click “close” it expands the entire roller, incorrectly.

I would be interested in trying the stock DH by Samsung/SmartThings, but I can’t find any other one in the dropdown, what should I pick in the IDE?

“Zigbee window shade battery” is the stock DTH. Mine work great with it. Max extension is set on the shades themselves. Its outlined in the manual. IIRC you press both buttons at the same time when its in the position you want.

oh man, I was sitting here trying to set it somehow, LOL. Thanks. I will read the ikea manual for once!