Override physical dimmer action?

I like the GE dimmers best, but wish they had a parameter to set a Minimum Dim Level like the Levitons do. I was able to set a min dim level when invoked through a zwave command, but cant figure out how to catch the physical command from the switch and override the level.

For instance, the dimmer is set below 10%. I want my DH to automatically send a command back to the switch to set it to 10%. I am able to log when this occurs, but how can I then trigger a set back to 10%?

You could through WebCore.

Webcore is not an option. Must do it through the DH.

Not possible from any of the device handlers that I’ve seen. You would have to write your own.

Why isn’t webCoRE an option? If you are using a custom DTH then it’s going to the cloud anyway.

Really simple in webCoRE:

If level drops below 10
Switch is on
Then set level to 10

Do you know what group this post is in?

This thread is about a custom DH.

I can’t find the thread on it. But here’s the GitHub repo.

This isn’t a solution.

You asked for the DTH that allows you to use the double up and the double down as buttons in ST. That’s the DTH that will do that. Sorry if you don’t like it but it works. LOL

Lol! No I didn’t.

with physical actuator, The level is set by the switch firmware and reported to the dth (after adjusting the light output), so you can’t catch it before the lights dim. The best you could do is respond with a new command to reset the level.

Here is the relevant doc for sending a command as a response to z wave events (uses the response method)


Thanks for this! I believe this is what I was looking for :slight_smile:

But the original question was to respond to physical commands and maybe things have changed, but when I tried 3 years ago I was not able to tell if the command originated as a physical command or not.

There was a isphyscial() but it did not seem to be reliable.

If SmartThings sends a command to the switch, eventually the status is reported back and there may not be a way to tell why the switch turned on.

In the end, I don’t care where the command originated, since I want to catch it no matter what. I can catch the remote commands and edit easily. If I can do both physical and remote in 1 step, that just makes things easier.

Thanks for the pointer. I got my DH now working with a minimum dim value for these GE dimemrs. Am quite happy. :slight_smile:

Can you please share your device handler?

I’ve since gone a different route all together. After much back and forth with Jasco, I’ve found that their dimmers (at least those on a relatively newer revision) do indeed support setting a minimum dim value directly in firmware. Why they have never made this public is beyond me. They have also provided a parameter to enable a true on/off switch mode instead of dimming. I have updated the community DH to utilize these 2 parameters and will ask the original author to incorporate the changes in his handler.

Thanks! I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the other parameters matched their motion dimmer switch. Parameter 16 is the same. https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/2108/configs

Can you link to the device handler you updated?