GE Dimmer - Different Ramp Rate Depending on How Triggered

This is an odd one. I just noticed that if I turn on a fixture that is controlled via a GE dimmer via SmarrTiles then the fixture turns to the set dim level almost instantly. Yet if I use the switch on the wall or the iOS SmartThings app it acts as you would expect - with a noticeable ramp up. Turning off is consistent no matter how it’s triggered.

I am using the stock DTH.

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No idea what’s going on, but have you checked the logs to see if the same commands are being sent? Maybe one is using setlevel and the other isn’t.

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Thanks. I’ll have a dig a little later.

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If you decide you want different dim rates for physical on vs app on you can use this guys DTH to change the settings. Unfortunately - set level commands will still be instant on. (I’m working on a CoRE piston(s) to get around this though)
Also - you can change back to the stock DTH afterwards to maintain local processing.


Thank you, yes.

I was just curious about the different behaviors. I thought the only way to change it is to use a different handler which so far I have not done.

I have not studied the logs yet but I’m sure it’s the setlevel that’s doing it. Now I think about it I think, but I am not sure that when my fixtures come on from the Smart Lighting app they do the same thing as via SmartTiles - ie, they have no ramp up. I’m fairly sure Smart Lighting is doing a setlevel.