External Siren & Smartthings Alarm Advice

Hi Everyone

New to Smartthings but been a Samsung user for a fee years.

I have a wired alarm system that is very old and needs replaced. Rather than replace for another wired one I’m looking at a smart system to expand my other smart devices and am looking at Smartthings

I currently have arlo security wireless cameras, nest thermostat and smoke detectors and hue bulbs.

I can see the Samsung hub can be expanded with motion detectors but I can’t see an external siren. So I wanted to ask for advice on

  • Is smartthings is a good alarm system?
  • Is there an external siren I can use?
  • Can I link the other smart devices I have, mainly the arlo wireless cameras?

Any advice very much welcome.


That’s a bit of a loaded question. The v1, v2, and v3 SmartThings hubs are dependent on the cloud for most things, so when your internet is down, or the SmartThings cloud is down, so is your security system. These weren’t really designed with security in mind, and are therefore lacking in several regards when compared to systems designed specifically for home security.

The ADT SmartThings hub was designed with home security in mind, so it has cellular back-up, can be armed or disarmed locally (not cloud dependent), has entry/exit delays, has an officially supported keypad, and comes with a touchscreen with a built in siren. One downside is that only ADT sensors can be used for the security monitoring with the ADT hub. They’re clunkier and quite a bit more expensive than many of the other sensors available.

Here’s a thread discussing the differences between the standard hubs and the ADT hub in more detail that you might find worth a read:

Yes, there are several external sirens that work with SmartThings. Zooz, Dome, FortrezZ, Aeotec, GoControl, Zipato and others all make sirens that are compatible.

Yes, your Arlo cameras, Nest t-stat and smoke detectors, and hue bulbs can all be linked to and controlled by SmartThings.


If you are looking at getting into smartthings and you already have a home security system you should look at https://konnected.io/. I got in on the kickstarter for it and it has been amazing. It removes the logic board from your old “traditional” alarm system and adds your sensors and sirens to smart things.


The only full blown security system that smartthings is part of and manages without cloud interaction is the ADT Smartthigns Panel. All others will be cloud dependent and subject to cloud and internet access issues. The previous poster is mostly correct about the system except the sensors are not really any more pricey then any other Z-Wave/Zigbee Sensors. They are actually really reasonably priced in comparison. I have seen some z-wave door sensors in the 40-50$ range. The ADT Door sensors are $25 when not on sale, and have been as low as 10 at times.

With the ADT Panel you will also want to look at a Smartapp called ADT Tools 2. The smartapp will enable certain functions that are not present with the default Alarm integration. It will allow you to use the alarm to trigger actions with Lights, Sirens, and your Arlo cameras connected to smartthings based on alarm activity.

The system can be monitored if you want, but it doesn’t have to be. The monitoring cost for security options alone can be from $21 to $25.

The only real Smartthings limitation with the ADT Panel is the need to use ADT sensors for alarm activity if you want it monitored by ADT. All of the ADT Sensors integrate back into Smartthings and can be used for automations.

I have had the panel for almost 1 year, have 18 ADT sensor, 3 Water Leak Sensors and 1 ADT motion sensor. So far it all works well.

The only other negative thing i have hears is from someone that indicated they couldn’t get the wireless sensors to span their house. I guess the range wasn’t good enough. I have only heard that once though.


Thanks Jason

Appreciate all the comments. Had a new account so it was temp suspended to send replies for a few hours

The ADT would be good but I’m based in Ireland and know that doesn’t work over here.

I know Nest has a similar system in the US but again not available here yet

This looks a great solution. Have you used it?